Graphic Designer from Pittsburgh who specializes in traditional & digital illustrations and creative design.

This painting is probably going into the pharmacy area of a grocery store. I thought it should promote a healthy living.
A giant cheese advert I painted for Market District.

Why did someone just send me a random video with no context?

I’m too afraid to even watch it.

I’m going to get carpal tunnel.
Another shameless selfie.
In my quest to achieve a higher level of spookiness, I changed my hair.
Here’s a slightly better quality photo of the self portrait I made a few months ago.
I’ve been messing around with some geometric stuff, because I’ve been learning about it during my internship.
I changed my hair finally.
I remembered that when I went to The Art Institute, I saw prints from a class where the students made portraits in Illustrator. I never got to take that class, so I made one for myself.