Graphic Designer from Pittsburgh who specializes in traditional & digital illustrations and creative design.

I had to write all of this backwards from the inside.
I think this is my favorite sign I’ve ever made.
I made an oddly colored Victorian style teapot piece for the housewares section of our store to add some color, because it was looking a bit dreary.
I painted this 👀
So, I was given the opportunity to work overtime last week at one of the other stores, because the artist there was on vacation, and I used the extra money to get my nails done ❤️
Look at this crayon Count Chocula I did.
I painted this for the new Market District in Ohio.
I did some typography for our holiday baking display.
I painted this to match the smoking rooster that I did for the men’s room. 🐐
I made a chubby baby ghost for the Sarris table.